Vaccination Preparation

Prior to arriving, please review the FAQs and vaccine fact sheets. UA is currently providing the Moderna vaccine. Please review materials related to this vaccine.

Contact the COVID Support Team to be considered for eligibility later on a case-by-case basis depending on the availability of vaccine and other resources if you have:

  • Tested COVID positive in the last 90 days; or
    • Note: If you have tested positive but still received an invitation, UA COVID Support may not have a record of your positive test. Recording your positive results with COVID Support will ensure you are added back to the list of eligible individuals on day 91 (depending on availability).
  • Received or plan any other vaccination (including flu, shingles) in the period of two weeks BEFORE the first COVID vaccine dose through two weeks AFTER the second dose; or
  • Commitments that may prevent you from scheduling your vaccination this Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Appointments are currently only being offered these days to facilitate scheduling and expedite distribution.

Follow these tips:

1.  You are required to BRING your CWID, form of identification, and insurance card, if available.

2.  For safety and space capacity reasons, do not bring anyone with you unless you require assistance.

3.  Wear a mask and clothing to allow access to your left shoulder and upper arm.

4.  Don’t eat or drink anything for 15 minutes before your appointment because we have to take your temperature as part of screening.

5.  Arrive on time no more than 15 minutes before your appointment.

6.  Complete your UA Healthcheck the day of your appointment and plan to show your cleared passport at check-in.

7.  When you arrive for the vaccination, you will be required to sign the informed consent form. You may review it beforehand.

8.  Plan to remain at the vaccination site for 15-30 minutes to be monitored for any reaction.

9.  Be prepared to schedule an appointment for the second vaccine injection within 21 (Pfizer) to 28 (Moderna) days from the initial injection.  We will assist you with this while on site for your first dose.