Vaccines are now available to everyone in the UA campus community.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to Protect Our Herd. Be vaccinated wherever it’s available, whether on campus or through a variety of other sources. provides distribution locations anywhere in the country. To help plan for vaccine supply, please report vaccinations received at an external location.


April 15, 2021

  • Beginning Monday, April 19, the Student Health Center will offer the Pfizer vaccine to all UA students (over age 16) who are able to receive both doses on campus. Students can begin scheduling a first dose appointment online through the SHC patient portal right away.
  • Appointments will be scheduled during regular SHC operating hours and will depend on vaccine supply and student demand.
  • Timing between first and second dose appointments is 21 days, and second dose appointments will be scheduled during the first appointment. Those who will not be in Tuscaloosa for the second dose are encouraged to seek access to a vaccine in their expected locale.
  • While insurance information is requested when scheduling, the vaccine will be provided to everyone at no out-of-pocket expense, including those without insurance coverage. Students should review tips on preparing for the vaccine appointment and details about the vaccines being offered.
  • For more information about student vaccine access, contact the SHC at or 205-348-6262.

April 2, 2021

  • The Alabama Department of Public Health and Alabama Governor Kay Ivey announced today that COVID-19 vaccine access across the state will expand to include those ages 16 and above beginning Monday, April 5. The University of Alabama intends to offer vaccines to all students as supply becomes available. UA currently has a very limited supply of vaccines.
  • We look forward to expanding access to more students once additional vaccine supply is made available to our campus. Students will receive an email notification once they become eligible to schedule an appointment through UA’s vaccination program.
  • Vaccines are also being administered by DCH (our local hospital)WalmartCVSCrimson Care and the County Health Department. Everyone is encouraged to be vaccinated and should register for the first available option.
  • Most vaccines, including those currently offered through UMC, require two doses provided between 21 and 28 days apart. Both doses should be provided by the same facility. Those who will not be in Tuscaloosa after April 30 should consider registering in their expected locale.

March 12, 2021

  • In accordance with the Alabama Department of Public Health’s 1b category for vaccine administration, all eligible UA faculty and staff, contract workers with direct student interactions, and other qualifying populations have been offered the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine through the University Medical Center.
  • As Phase 1b allows vaccines to be administered to higher education employees, the next vaccine invitations will be sent to essential student workers who have high levels of face-to-face interactions. These groups include graduate classroom teaching assistants, resident assistants, orientation and visit staff, among others.
  • The ADPH announced the expansion into Phase 1c of vaccine eligibility, including those 16 and older with underlying, high risk medical conditions as defined by ADPHPhase 1c goes into effect March 22.
  • In conjunction with the UA System Health and Safety Task Force, we are reviewing the latest ADPH guidance and potential options to offer vaccinations to students who fall into phase 1c. Timing and vaccine availability will impact planning, especially as the end of semester nears.
  • We will consult with our medical teams and communicate any decisions as soon as additional information is available.

Feb. 3, 2021

  • The University of Alabama is working closely with the Alabama Department of Public Health to proceed with focusing on the priority vaccine dispensing plan for the campus community, also called a “Closed POD.” Faculty, staff and frontline contract workers should be notified in coming weeks as additional vaccines are received.
  • Following ADPH rules and guidance, the University Medical Center is providing vaccine access to the Closed POD University community through contact lists developed by the Office of Emergency Management, in alignment with guidelines. UMC and UA are also working closely with the county, city, DCH, and ADPH to support their efforts to vaccinate the general public.
  • UA vaccine distribution guidance has evolved with instructions from ADPH as vaccine availability progressed. While UMC has played a role in offering vaccine doses to the community-at-large, including healthcare workers, first responders, public safety employees, residents of long-term care facilities like Capstone Village, and affiliated individuals 75 and older, that is not the UMC’s focus at this time.
  • The current dispensing plan offers the vaccine to our internal community based on health risk and exposure. While vaccine access and appointment scheduling capabilities remain limited, the order in which UA individuals will be offered vaccination are based on job responsibilities, health implications, age and student interaction.
  • The expectation is to vaccinate faculty, staff and contract worker groups in priority order based on high-risk medical conditions, age and close student interactions. UMC facilities are being dedicated to vaccinations on the weekend.
  • Individuals will be contacted directly when they are available to schedule a vaccination appointment. The timeline to indicate acceptance is 24 hours from the time the invitation is emailed.
  • No vaccines are being wasted. If appointments are missed or go unfilled, individuals are contacted.
  • Those who make an appointment should not bring spouses or other family members to request on-site vaccinations for anyone who does not have an appointment. Only those who have been notified of their eligibility can schedule an appointment.
  • At this time, the UA Closed POD is not scheduled to provide vaccines for UA retirees or others not currently working on campus. While vaccines were offered to students with clinical healthcare responsibilities, other students will be provided vaccine access after the employee communities have been invited.