COVID-19 Vaccines Being Scheduled for Priority Groups


To assist us in scheduling, please let us know if you are being vaccinated at a location other than the University Medical Center through the Vaccinated Elsewhere form below.

Vaccine information:

The vaccine will require two doses administered 21 (Pfizer) to 28 (Moderna) days apart. UMC is currently administering the Moderna vaccine.

Campus community members will receive an email with details and a text message when they are eligible for vaccination. Because the vaccine’s shelf life is limited and to support efficient distribution, individuals will have 24 hours to schedule an appointment or decline the offer*.

Those who accept the voluntary vaccination will authorize consent when the first dose is administered and must remain at the vaccination site for 15-30 minutes to be monitored for any reaction and to schedule the second dose appointment.

Vaccination is not required for employment at this time. If the vaccine offer is declined or an appointment is not scheduled within 24 hours, the vaccine dose will be made available to the next group of eligible recipients. Once declined or missed, vaccination requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis depending on vaccine and resource availability.

Information on available vaccines to aid in the decision making process can be found on the FDA’s website, CDC’s website and ADPH’s website.

UA will provide regular updates via campus email, Inside UA messages and UA Healthinfo as the vaccination plan is updated.