COVID-19 Vaccines Available to All UA Students, Faculty and Staff

UPDATED APRIL 22:  Now that vaccine appointments are available to all students, faculty and staff without prioritization, the Medical-Related Access Form was removed.

UPDATED APRIL 20:  Guidelines have changed to require those who test positive for COVID to wait 14 days before getting the vaccine — updated from the previous 60-day waiting period.

UPDATED APRIL 15:  The Student Health Center is offering the Pfizer vaccine to all UA students (over age 16) who are able to receive both doses on campus. Students can now schedule a first dose appointment online through the SHC patient portal. Appointments will be available beginning April 19 during regular SHC operating hours and will depend on vaccine supply and student demand. The University Medical Center is continuing to distribute the Moderna vaccine to faculty and staff by invitation to schedule an appointment.

Vaccine information:

Everyone is strongly encouraged to Protect Our Herd. Be vaccinated wherever it’s available, whether on campus or through a variety of other sources. provides distribution locations anywhere in the country. To help plan for vaccine supply, please report vaccinations received at an external location.

The vaccine will require two doses administered 21 (Pfizer) to 28 (Moderna) days apart. The Student Health Center is offering Pfizer, and the University Medical Center is currently administering the Moderna vaccine.

Those who accept the voluntary vaccination will authorize consent when the first dose is administered and must remain at the vaccination site for 15-30 minutes to be monitored for any reaction and to schedule the second dose appointment.

Information on available vaccines to aid in the decision making process can be found on the FDA’s website, CDC’s website and ADPH’s website.

Regular updates will be provided via campus email.