As the fall semester approaches, it is critical that everyone remain focused on prevention and mitigation efforts aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19.  Students and employees are required to take online training prior to returning to campus. Training includes important information about health and safety expectations as well as useful steps to take at home and in the community.

Upon completion of all training components, you will be emailed a Certificate of Completion from UA LMS. Please note that you may be required to provide your certificate to return to campus or participate in activities.

For the best learning experience, it is recommended that training be accessed with Chrome of Firefox browser on a desktop computer.

UPDATERevised Acknowledgment Form in COVID Training
The required acknowledgment form included as part of the required COVID-19 Learning Plan training has been revised. However, for those who already completed the training and the acknowledgment, you do not have to sign a new acknowledgment unless you want to do so.

For those who completed the training, but did not complete the acknowledgment or want to sign the new acknowledgment, you will need to review and accept the new form, which will supersede any previously completed acknowledgment. You will not need to complete or repeat any additional training to accept the new form. Once you have accessed the acknowledgment, click on “Start Learning Now” to view the updated document. Those who have not completed the COVID-19 Learning Plan training can do so in the UA LMS on myBama. The updated acknowledgment form is included.


The COVID-19 Student Learning Plan includes two components: 1) Student Information for Fall 2020 and 2) Acknowledgement for Fall 2020. Students can access the Learning Plan via the UA LMS button located on the Campus Life tab in myBama.

  • Students are required to take the training immediately or prior to their return to campus.
  • Initial notification of training requirements will be emailed to student via their Crimson Email accounts.



The COVID-19 Employee Learning Plan includes three components: 1) COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control, 2) Employee Update for Fall 2020, and 3) Acknowledgement for Fall 2020. Employees who completed the COVID-19: Infection Prevention and Control course prior to the Fall 2020 assignment will maintain credit for that component of the Learning Plan.

Employees can access the Learning Plan via the UA LMS button located on the Employee tab in myBama.

  • Supervisors are responsible for ensuring their employees take the training immediately or prior to their return to campus.
  • Faculty and staff currently working on campus should complete the training immediately.
  • Those authorized to return to campus in the near future must complete the training before returning to work.
  • Any employee not yet authorized to return to campus will be notified by their Supervisor when it is appropriate to return; however, all faculty and staff are encouraged to take the training now and will not be allowed to return to work until the training is complete.

Guests or Third-Party Individuals

If you are considered a guest or third-party of the University who has been asked to complete COVID-19 Training for re-entry to campus, please contact the Office of Compliance, Ethics, and Regulatory Affairs at to arrange access to the training in UA LMS.


Contact Compliance, Ethics, and Regulatory Affairs at with questions regarding compliance training, including access or technical issues with the COVID-19 Training.