Student COVID-19 Testing

Free Federal At-Home COVID Tests Guidance
Because the U.S. Postal Service designates UA’s address as a business address, USPS will not fulfill orders on the federal website for free at-home testing kits to student mailboxes on campus. Students or parents can order tests to be sent to their home address, then personally mailed to campus. See the Campus Mail Service website for details.

COVID-19 symptomatic testing is provided for University of Alabama students who are sick or may be experiencing symptoms of the virus.

The Student Health Center provides standard services and COVID testing. Students wishing to receive a COVID test due to illness or symptoms should contact the CV19 Support Team and may be tested Monday through Thursday between 8 a.m. and 3:45 p.m. and Friday from 9 a.m. to 3:45 p.m.

Note: Due to limited availability of COVID-19 testing supplies, both in Alabama and nationwide, the UA Student Health Center will not be able to provide proof of negative COVID-19 test at this time unless required for international travel.

Students with symptoms who wish to see a provider may also be tested; symptomatic students with a positive test result will receive a telemedicine visit, and those with a negative test may have an in-person visit.  All tests performed on-site at SHC will be rapid tests (antigen). All of the same services with directing on campus students to isolation housing will remain. Walk-in testing is available, but appointments are preferred. Make an appointment online through the myBama SHC patient portal (preferred) or call 205-348-2778.

Students’ insurance will be billed for all symptomatic and exposure testing. Any copays, deductibles or uninsured charges will be placed on the student’s account. In addition to their CWID and government-issued ID, students should bring their insurance information for billing. Students without health insurance will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, but the goal is not to turn any students away if testing is warranted.

Because of supply issues, there may be times when only COVID-19/flu combination tests, which are slightly more expensive than COVID-19 tests, are available at the SHC. If so, the combination tests will be used, and students will be charged accordingly.

If you test positive

Students who test positive at the Student Health Center will be contacted by the CV19 COVID Support team and provided instructions.  Students who test positive off campus or through the University Medical Center evening clinic must contact the CV19 UA COVID-19 Support Team to report their status and follow instructions. You may be asked for documentation of your positive test.