Our comprehensive testing program is based on our campus Health & Safety plan.  


Spring 2021 reentry testing: Students who live on campus, including Greek houses, for the Spring 2021 semester must test for coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) prior to resuming classes or other on-campus activities. Testing must be done within seven days of arrival, no later than Jan. 19. UA offers a free PCR test on campus, or students may elect to test at home or through a personal physician prior to returning to campus. The PCR test is required.

Exit testing: One free exit test was provided for all UA students as they left for the Thanksgiving and winter holidays. Students were encouraged to research any testing requirements for airlines or travel destinations, which could include a negative test. The exit test provided was a Rapid Test.

Exposure testing or symptomatic testing: These tests are available to students who may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or who may be experiencing symptoms of the virus. Exposure and symptomatic testing will be billed to students’ health insurance, which may include any patient responsibility being posted to their student accounts. In addition to their ACT card, CWID and government-issued ID, students should bring their insurance information for billing.

For-cause testing: Testing individuals in a shared geographic area, such as a residence hall floor, Greek house, student group or a class. This testing is mandatory and occurs when campus health officials determine the need based on data trends. Anyone who declines to participate will be referred to the Office of Student Conduct.

Sentinel testing: Involves the random sampling of all asymptomatic students, faculty and staff to understand the underlying prevalence of infection on campus so we can respond promptly to outbreaks or increases in infection rates. Our goal is to test around 3% of the campus population each week. Sentinel testing is required for students who live on campus, participate in club sports, are members of a student organization holding meetings with more than 10 people, or are participating in clinical activities, provided the student also has or will have a presence on campus.

Fall 2020 and Employee Reentry testing: Every student and employee was required to be tested for COVID-19 and receive a negative result before returning to campus for the fall semester or participating in any campus activity. Among those who completed the required COVID-19 testing process before classes began, less than 1% tested positive.

PATIENT FACT SHEETS:   Rapid Test      PCR Test