Housing-Related Restrictions

  1. Access to campus housing is limited to residents and members of organizations
  2. Rooms can have up to one allowed visitor per resident (so, two visitors at a time in a double room and up to four visitors at a time in a 4-bedroom suite)
  3. Overnight visitation is prohibited

Other Visitor Restrictions

  1. Visitor access to campus must be limited
  2. Visitors are allowed only by invitation or for specific events
  3. Official visitors must be pre-approved and complete a healthcheck or similar process (or provide evidence of a negative test/medical clearance)
  4. Vendor access precautions have also been implemented


  1. University-related non-essential travel remains prohibited for all students, faculty, and staff
  2. A waiver process is available, and waivers are granted for limited exceptions such as NCAA competitions, research, advancement, registered Student Life activities, and other University needs

Related questions should be addressed with UA Risk Management by emailing lwbond@ua.edu