Training is Required

  1. Student training is required before return. Every student attending classes on campus must complete the Student Information for Spring 2021 online training module, and distance students are encouraged to complete it.
  2. Faculty-staff training. Faculty and staff working on campus were previously required to complete COVID-19: Infection and Prevention and Control and COVID-19: Employee Update for Fall 2020.  Before returning in the spring, employees are encouraged to review training and new employees are required to complete the training.
  1. Links to the training modules are provided at
  2. For questions or access issues, email

Healthcheck Usage Remains Required

  1. All faculty, staff, and students working on campus are required to complete Healthcheck truthfully and regularly while on campus. Daily use is encouraged, with reminders sent via text after approximately 3 days and again by email after an additional 3 days.  Use is mandatory before class and social event attendance.
  2. Upon completion of each Healthcheck, a clearance screen through the GuideSafe Event Passport is provided. Instructors and event organizers are required to use Passport to facilitate access to classes and campus events.
  3. Visitors, vendors, and attendees at athletic, fine arts, and other on-campus events should consider Passport clearance for admission or similar checks of symptoms, or a reasonable alternative.
  4. Positive tests, suspected close contacts, and increases in related symptoms must be reported via Healthcheck.