Testing remains a core element of our Spring 2021 Plan.  Details and updates can be found at healthinfo.ua.edu. Current plans are summarized below:

Fall 2020 Exit Testing

  1. Exit testing has been offered to students by appointment
  2. Thousands participated before Thanksgiving break, and opportunities will continue as final exams conclude
  3. All exit testing is voluntary and free for students
  4. Student exit tests can be scheduled at healthinfo.ua.edu

Testing Before/During Winter Break (November 21, 2020- January 12, 2021)

  1. Student Health Center (SHC) will be closed for Christmas Break from Dec. 19 – Jan. 6, re-opening Jan. 7. The University Medical Center (UMC) will be operational during the winter break, other than standard Holiday closures.
  2. Information on hours and appointments is available at healthinfo.ua.edu or by calling 205.348.CV19.

      Return Testing Is Required for On-Campus Residents

  1. On-campus resident students will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID test for the 2021 Spring semester, within 7 days of return. Three options are available to satisfy this requirement:
    • Free Testing by UA – UMC will offer free re-entry testing beginning January 7, 2021, likely at Coleman Coliseum.
    • Past Positives – Students who tested positive for COVID in the 12 weeks preceding the spring semester (i.e., positive test after October 28, 2020) should not test again, but should upload verifiable proof of a positive COVID test to the SHC and affirm that they served the required isolation period and have been symptom free for at least 10 days before returning to campus. Details on uploading information will be provided on the SHC website.
    • Personal Physicians – Students may choose to use their personal physician for approved testing. Acceptable tests must be PCR and should not be conducted more than seven days prior to the student’s return to campus. Test results must be uploaded to the SHC.
  1. Return testing for on-campus resident students will be paired with increased sentinel testing during the beginning of the semester

Sentinel and Routine Testing Will be Conducted in Spring and Required for Some

  1. Sentinel testing will be conducted to signal trends, identify potential outbreaks, and monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 in our community. This testing will be coordinated by UA.  Verily registration is no longer required.
    • Sentinel testing will involve a sample of approximately 2.5% of the campus community per sentinel period, with increased sentinel testing during the first few weeks of the semester
    • Sentinel testing will be voluntary for most but required for
      • students living on campus;
      • students participating in clinical activities, who will also have a presence on campus; and
      • other individuals participating in University-sponsored programs, at the discretion of UA medical professionals
    10. Outside of sentinel testing, intercollegiate student-athletes and athletic staff must comply with required conference and competition protocols for those areas

For-Cause Testing (Voluntary for General Campus Population/ Required for Specific Groups)

  1. For-cause testing will be conducted in response to any suspected increase in COVID-19 exposures in a specific campus location, within an identified group of individuals, or arising from a specific event or gathering.
  2. For-cause testing is required for
    • students who are required to participate in sentinel testing
    • members of organizations/locations that are the focus of for-cause testing due to group positives or events/gatherings
  3. For-cause testing is conducted at the discretion of UA medical professionals.

Symptomatic Testing Will be Available for All

  1. Testing for symptomatic or exposed individuals (or groups or locations) will be offered through the SHC and UMC

For Questions about Testing:

Contact UA COVID Support Program at 205.348.CV19