Face Coverings are Required

  1. Face coverings are required:
    • in all UA facilities, with very limited exceptions
    • for indoor and outdoor academic or student events, including social events and those sponsored by University registered or affiliated organizations
    • when required by state law or local ordinance
  1. Limited exceptions include
    • in your room/suite
    • alone in an enclosed office or study room
    • alone in your vehicle
    • in public outdoor settings, while physically distanced
    • in indoor athletic facilities while actively participating in athletic activities, unless required by the facility
    • while actively participating in intercollegiate activities
  2. Approved face coverings include masks, cloth face coverings, and face shields (in certain circumstances)

Physical Distancing is Required

  1. Physical distancing requires 6 feet of uninhabited space around you – all sides. Faculty, staff, students, and all others on campus must comply with physical distancing whenever possible.
    • Plexiglass dividers are provided in classrooms and other areas where distancing is difficult to maintain, and to enhance use of areas where masks and other mitigation strategies are also required

Practice Safe Hygiene

  1. Proper handwashing and hygiene practices are also required
  2. Touchless hand sanitizer stations are provided throughout campus, and cleaning protocols have been upgraded
  3. Individuals are responsible for cleaning/sanitizing personal workspaces