Academic Calendar

The Spring 2021 academic calendar is adjusted to help mitigate potential transmission:

  • Spring break will not be observed.
  • Classes will start January 13 to allow > 10 days after most holiday travel.

Content and Classrooms

  • Modifications have been made to delivery methods and classrooms to support physical distancing
  • A majority of classes will have face-to-face instruction, and in-person instruction remains the preferred method and the aspiration of our institution when proper health and safety protocols can be maintained
  • Some classes will necessarily be remote. Even then, students will have access to on-campus resources and be able to communicate directly with faculty.
  • For spring, plexiglass dividers will be added to ~45 additional classrooms, to allow further expansion of classroom capacity. While students may be seated within 6 feet, they will be required to wear masks. Enhanced cleaning protocols will continue in these spaces. Additional testing will be available for these students and faculty. Medical professionals at UMC and the UA System have approved this plan, and our medical professionals at UMC will monitor implementation.
  • All courses will include remote components to ensure academic continuity in the event of changes, sickness, isolation or quarantine requirements. Instructors must have a plan to address their potential inability to teach. Remote components may include recorded lectures and/or simultaneous audio/visual tools (e.g. Zoom) at the discretion of the faculty/instructor, provided required approvals are obtained.
  • Classroom instructors must use the GuideSafe Passport function to ensure Healthcheck compliance for in-person classes and instruction

Libraries and Other Resources

  • UA Libraries are prepared to serve students, while preserving social distancing and healthy environments
  • Academic resources, such as the UA Writing Center and tutoring, continue to offer enhanced remote options.