Finance and Operations

In addition to planning for the potential financial impact of COVID-19, Vice President for Finance and Operations Matt Fajack has had teams looking at all aspects of University operations including:

  • Construction.
  • Dining.
  • Human Resources.
  • Mitigation strategies such as PPE.
  • Physical adaptions to our campus.
  • Transit.

In addition, the Office of Compliance has assisted with reviews of plans and strategies. Additional Finance & Operations strategies include:

Centralized Purchasing

To assist with our COVID-19 preparation and response, incident command was invoked to centralize PPE purchases and inventory for the campus at large, our health care operations, and our own facilities and environmental health and safety teams. This has been in effect since the early days of response to the national COVID-19 outbreak and is led by AVP Cheryl Mowdy.


UA has worked closely with contractors currently engaged in building and renovations on campus. Symptom assessment processes have been put in place, along with upgraded sanitation and cleaning processes.

Human Resources

HR has been providing services and training to our employees throughout limited business operations and will continue even after the return to full operations. Some changes to delivery or services – such as additional remote services and drop-off options – will be instituted. The latest communications can be found on HR’s website and via HR will also be the appropriate contact for employees who may be especially vulnerable to COVID-19 and who contact HR for assistance with child care needs or other accommodations.

Travel Limitations

UA has prohibited all non-essential travel for faculty, staff, and students. A waiver process is, and will remain, in place.