1. Academic Calendar. UA has adjusted the Fall 2020 academic calendar:

    • Fall Break will not be observed
    • In-person classes will end on the Friday before Thanksgiving. Classes will not be held Thanksgiving week, but will resume the following week, remotely.
    • Final exams will be remote
  1. Content and Classroom Modifications

  • In order to provide for proper social distancing, modifications have been made to delivery methods and classrooms
  • Some classes will necessarily be remote. Even then, students will still have access to on-campus resources and to contact and questions with faculty.
  • The vast majority of classes (about 80%) will have significant face-to-face instruction:
    • Almost half will be in-person
    • Many will have hybrid delivery, such as rotating attendance
  • Some classrooms have been outfitted with plexiglas dividers, and furniture has been moved or removed from others to provide for social distancing. Furniture should not be rearranged in a manner that violates the rules of social distancing.
  • All courses will have remote components to ensure academic continuity in the event of changes, sickness, isolation or quarantine requirements
  • Classroom instructors must use the GuideSafe Passport function to ensure Healthcheck compliance for in-person classes and instruction
  1. Libraries and Other Resources

  • UA Libraries are prepared to serve the students, while preserving social distancing and health environments
  • Academic resources, such as the UA Writing Center and tutoring, have enhanced remote options