Additional Divisions and Operations


Vice President Bob Pierce and his staff have created plans to protect the health and safety of Advancement employees and supporters. The National Alumni Association is also working closely on these efforts to provide opportunities for alumni and supporters to connect, consistent with appropriate health and safety protocols.


Interim VP for Strategic Communications Ryan Bradley has had his team reviewing and consistently improving all aspects of communications relative to COVID-19. UA will continue to post changes and updates to a single location, Other strategies, including emails, training materials, and posters, will be widely used.

Community Affairs

Vice President Samory Pruitt will direct the Division of Community Affairs’ efforts at offering increased remote and online options to serve its essential functions.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Vice President Christine Taylor has continued the essential work of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, using a broad array of electronic events to preserve health and safety. Remote options and other protected events will be planned and continued throughout the Fall.


Vice President for Research and Economic Development Russ Mumper has worked with all colleges, centers, and institutes, for a phased return to full research operations, taking into account necessary health and safety considerations.