Isolation/Quarantine Protocols for On-Campus Residents

We understand that isolation and quarantine can be a challenging and frightening experience for students, and we want to make sure your needs are met during this time.

An easy-to-follow decision tree will guide students through the steps to take if exposed, are symptomatic or have tested positive. First, understand the difference between ISOLATION and QUARANTINE:


Isolation housing is for those who test positive for COVID-19.

Follow this step-by-step summary of the on-campus isolation experience.

Those who test positive should isolate in place according to the COVID Support case manager’s instructions for at least 10 days. Consistent with CDC guidelines,

  • For most persons with COVID-19 illness, isolation and precautions can generally be discontinued 10 days after symptoms begin and they’re fever-free for at least 24 hours when symptoms improve and without the use of medications. Symptom onset is the date when symptoms first began, including non-respiratory symptoms.
  • For those who never develop symptoms, isolation and other precautions can end 10 days after their first positive test.
  • A test is NOT REQUIRED to return to class or normal activities after the isolation period ends. The CDC no longer recommends a test for clearance to return to class, campus activities or work.

During isolation, students are not permitted to leave or have direct contact with individuals outside of isolation.

Isolation Rules:

  • Stay in assigned room.
  • Don’t go onto the rest of campus, including class or work; do not participate in person in any campus activity.
  • Can go on private balcony or walk outside in immediate area for a short time with mask on.
  • Visit with friends and family via FaceTime or Zoom, NOT in person.

Quarantine is required when a student believes they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Most students are able to self-quarantine in place for 14 days.

Quarantine housing is for those who live in a double occupancy community bathroom on-campus residence and has had close contact exposure to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.  Even though you may not be experiencing symptoms or have tested negative, you still may develop COVID-19, as symptoms can appear anywhere from 2 to 14 days after exposure to the virus.

You may quarantine in an assigned campus quarantine residence, Greek house (if approved by the Greek organization), in your off-campus apartment or at home — as long as doing so does not put someone else there at high risk and if going there does not risk exposing others.

  • During the quarantine period, students should stay home or in their residence hall room for 14 days; check their temperature twice a day and watch for any COVID-19 symptoms; and avoid contact with others.
  • A student in QUARANTINE may leave to pick up necessities and/or for food or medical treatment, but must wear a mask at all times and have MINIMUM contact with others.

Students who believe they have come in close contact with someone with COVID-19 should contact the UA COVID-19 Support Program at 205-348-CV19 (205-348-2819). Students will be monitored by the support team during quarantine and should immediately report the onset of any symptoms so they can be moved to isolation.

While you are in quarantine or isolation, you should limit your exposure to others, by not attending in-person classes or going to university buildings, except your quarantine or isolation location.

Important Numbers:

  • COVID Support Number and Case Manager: 205-348-CV19 (2819)
  • Student Health Center: 205-348-2778 — 911 for Medical Emergency
  • Office Disability Service for accommodations: 205-348-4285
  • OIT/Tech issues:  205-348-5555

Getting Prepared


A COVID Concierge team member will check you into isolation housing at intake in Coleman Coliseum or over the phone, granting you access to the building. Facilities have outdoor entrances or aCOVID Concierge team member stationed in the lobby 24/7.

Please note that students moving into isolation or quarantine housing may have a roommate.

Students who test positive at Coleman Coliseum will usually be assigned a space while at the testing center. Those who test at the Student Health Center are typically notified within two hours. Off-campus testing results must be uploaded and reported by the student to the COVID Support team.

What to Bring

Currently, students who are able to do so are responsible for packing and bringing with them the items they will need for their minimum 10-day stay in isolation or quarantine housing on campus. They may have a medical escort accompany them to help pack/answer questions if they so choose.

We suggest you bring toiletries, medication or any equipment needed for routine medical treatments, any items needed for school work, chargers for electronic devices, enough clothing to last for the duration of your stay, or laundry essentials so you can do laundry during your stay, and anything that you may need for entertainment (books, laptop, phone, chargers, bed linens, etc.). You will also be provided with a welcome care pack with some basic essentials for your stay.

Meals are provided on campus through Bama Dining (see Meals section below).

More details about what to consider bringing to isolation or quarantine housing.

How to prepare

  • Wear your mask as you pack!
  • Grab a plastic bin to help you get all your stuff in one trip.
  • Pack what you’ll need for the next 10 days. You get this one trip!
  • Read the packing list for suggestions and reminders.  Also check out what’s provided for you depending on your assigned dorm.
  • Hint: You need to bring pillow(s), sheets and towels for example.  No, really, go back and read the packing list!
  • Drive yourself to your home away from home for up to the next 11 days or ask theCOVID Concierge team member.
  • Complete meal request information. You will get dinner and breakfast/lunch for the next day regardless of when you arrive for isolation.

Parking and Shuttle Transportation

Transportation is available to isolation housing. Transportation services will be scheduled for you by the COVID Concierge team if you need transportation. You will also be asked if you have a car on campus, this allows us to notify Parking that you may be parking in a different zone during your time in isolation.

During Quarantine or Isolation

Once you arrive

  • If you drive yourself, you will not be issued a parking citation.
  • Take your stuff to your room.
  • Call the on-call COVID Concierge team member at 205-718-5857 with any residence hall issues.
  • Take time to lie down, text loved ones you got there, or whatever makes you feel better!
  • Contact your professors with your isolation circumstances.
  • Expect a call from your case worker.
  • Depending on when you check in, dinner and next day’s breakfast/lunch will arrive 6:00pm-6:30pm or 8:00pm-8:30pm (late arrivals). If later, food will be arranged!
  • Speak with the on-call concierge to see how they can help your stay be more comfortable.

Your first day

Expect calls or emails from the following and please answer the phone if you aren’t sleeping or not in a Zoom class. They will explain more about how they can help you during your stay.

  • Medical Support: To touch base to see how you are feeling and answer your medical questions.
  • Academic Support: Check to see if you need assistance with your classes (i.e., technology, contacting instructors, LMS system, tutoring, etc.)
  • Non-academic Service:  See if you need non-academic assistance outside of a delivery service.  They can pick up a prescription from a pharmacy or a package from Mail Services.
  • Case worker: Check in

Order additional items you’d like from the grocery or restaurant via a delivery service or the on-call concierge.

Continuing your coursework

Students in quarantine/isolation housing should not attend in-person classes. Notify your professors you will be unable to attend class and request course materials. WiFi is available in quarantine and isolation housing to allow student to access online courses/materials and complete assignments remotely using personal computers or phones. For additional assistance, contact the help desk at 205-348-5555

Course Materials/Supplies from the Supe Store:

  • Order materials/supplies via
  • Call Bernadette Chavira-Trull at (205) 348-2384 or (205) 270-0181 with your name and order number.
  • Delivery will be made by Campus Services with no shipping fee charged

Monitoring your health

During your stay, continue to monitor your health and symptoms by completing your Healthcheck every day.

Resident interns (MDs) from the University Medical Center are available.

  • If you have a medical emergency, call 911 or UAPD at 205-348-5454.
  • If you are ill (not an emergency), call the Student Health Center at 205-348-6262 during regular business hours. The night clinic is scheduled to resume Sept. 15, and the weekend clinic will be available Sept. 19. If you plan to visit the SHC, call first to let them know you are in isolation or quarantine.
  • If you have questions regarding your health, the Student Health Center & Pharmacy is available during regular hours at 205-348-6262.

If you have not heard from a case manager, contact the COVID Support team.

Residence Hall Safety

Each residence hall room has an evacuation route posted on the back of the room door. Please familiarize yourself with the evacuation routes for your room. If the fire alarm sounds in the residence hall you should evacuate immediately. Please note that the fire alarm in the residence hall sounds like a loud tone or buzzing. Once outside, move to one of the designated evacuation assembly areas. Only use evacuation areas that are in a safe location, not directly impacted by the emergency.  In the event of severe weather, designated sheltering for COVID positive or known exposure is at the Capstone Parking Deck across from Alumni Hall. Parking and transportation will offer a shuttle to the shelter during times of inclement weather.

Physical distancing and face coverings

All students in quarantine or isolation housing are expected to stay in their apartment or room the vast majority of time. In very limited situations, such as seeking medical treatment or taking out your trash, you should limit interactions with others, always maintain a 6- to 10-foot distance from others and always wear a mask/face covering.

When it is necessary to leave your room, always wear a mask/face covering that completely and snugly covers your nose and mouth. Before and after leaving your room, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer.

Going outdoors

Students isolating and in quarantine may go outside on a private balcony or yard. You may walk outside while wearing a mask, remaining at least 6 feet away from others, and remaining in the immediate area of your assigned residence.


During the quarantine period, you are not allowed to host guests inside of the residence hall. If you have forgotten something and need an item brought to you, ask the person delivering the item to leave it with the concierge in the Burke lobby.


Students receive food and supplies regularly. Aramark (Bama Dining) delivers a hot dinner and the next day’s breakfast and lunch with accommodations for dietary needs per the individual student’s entry survey. For students already on premises, delivery occurs around 6-6:30 p.m. and around 8-8:30 p.m. for later arrivals.

Questions or issues about Bama Dining meal deliveries can be directed to Ken Lamica at

More details about Food & Supply Delivery


Laundry facilities are available within the area for all isolation housing students. Burke facilities are located on the first floor, Highlands in the Commons Building, and in apartment in Bryce Lawn.

Trash removal

A small trash can and trash bags are provided in your room. Once your trash can is full, you are responsible for taking it to the nearest trash can or dumpster.

When your Stay is Complete

  • You made it through isolation and lowered risk for the campus and community!
  • Expect a call from a medical representative to qualify you for release.
  • Pack up your stuff.
  • Call for a van if needed and load the van or your car.
  • Take your stuff back to YOUR residence, unpack the bin and return it.

When students complete the isolation/quarantine process, they are given medical clearance by their case manager on day 11 that they may return to their previous living quarters.

The CDC no longer recommends a test for clearance to return to class, campus activities or work. However, students may not return to class until they have been authorized to do so by a case manager at the COVID Support Program.

After giving medical clearance, the CSP will provide students with an authorization to return to in-person classes via email. Faculty may ask returning students to see those emails.

Checkout procedures

Once you have been cleared by the COVID Support Program to leave quarantine or isolation housing, please drop your room key in the express envelope provided at the drop box in your area’s lobby (lobby for Burke West) (Highlands Laundry Room for Highlands and Bryce Lawn). Failure to return keys/access cards will result in replacement charges billed on the student account. In the event of lost keys during stay, please report this to Lindsey Woodruff at or 205-348-9647.

Please leave all provided items (trash can, trash bags, toilet paper, etc.) in the room. You should remove all personal items and trash from the room. Students who do not remove all items and trash will be assessed a cleaning fee. Once you have completed all necessary steps, please notify our staff that you have vacated your space and return it with your keys.