Get Ready to Roll with the Tide

Dear Students,

We are all excited to cheer on the football team as they play in the National Championship (again!). Our student-athletes and coaches have shown that “Bama pluck and grit” as they have performed at a standard of excellence while maintaining a level of class we can all be proud of.

As our campus community unites to cheer on the Tide, please remember to do your part to keep yourself and our community safe. Whether you are attending the game in Indianapolis or watching from Tuscaloosa or somewhere else, here are ways you can best support the UA team:

  • Make wise decisions before, during and after the game. Masks are recommended around others and wherever it’s required.
  • Be a good teammate and competitor – respect the impact your actions may have on those around you.

We consider it a privilege to have so many successes to celebrate at the Capstone. Along with that privilege comes responsibility. Please enjoy the game and set an example of safety, passion and class.

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Roll Tide,

Myron L. Pope
Vice President for Student Life