Facial Covering Enforcement Tips

UA emphasizes education, assistance and enforcement to reinforce the benefits of facial coverings and requirements for their use. Below are some tips for how YOU can help.

Educate and Assist

  • Communicate the importance of facial coverings over the nose and mouth to reduce transmission of illness.
  • Communicate that wearing a facial covering is required in order to participate in person.
  • Post University-approved signage. Resources are available at healthinfo.ua.edu/about-covid-19.
  • Partner with student leaders and campus influencers to promote cooperation.
  • Communicate mask requirements in staff meetings, on syllabi, in initial class meetings, and at other gatherings.
  • Inform and encourage others to use facial coverings by relaying the benefits of their use to our entire campus community.


  • Appropriate building and office representatives should manage enforcement in building.
  • Instructors should manage enforcement in the classroom.
  • Enforcement will be addressed as a disciplinary issue by
    • The Office of Student Conduct for students
    • Supervisor in coordination with Human Resources for employees
    • UAPD for campus visitors

How you can respond to a non-compliant individual:

  1. Remind the individual of the mask requirement in a non-confrontational way.
  2. Tell them where they can obtain a mask.
  3. Ask them to leave the room until they can comply.
  4. Instructors may choose to suspend or delay class, and/or refer the noncompliant student to Student Conduct. Instructors should notify their department chair and/or dean regarding the non-compliance and that they reported to Student Conduct.
  5. If you’re unable to defuse and resolve the situation on your own, or if anyone feels their safety is threatened, contact UAPD or another appropriate official.
  6. Campus visitors not wearing masks can be reported directly to UAPD or another appropriate official; it isn’t necessary to confront them directly.