Student Organization Events Flowchart


Student organization events:

  • Student organizations may host events with approval through mySOURCE.
  • Events are permitted to take place, including off-campus events within the city of Tuscaloosa, pending registration and approval.
  • Given current university restrictions on travel, no events may take place outside the city of Tuscaloosa.
  • Virtual events are allowed and strongly encouraged.
  • Student event registration is required for all events (in-person and virtual). Virtual business meetings are excluded from this requirement.
  • Attendee lists are required for all in-person events. Student organizations must utilize the Engage Check-In App and mySource Event Pass to keep records of event attendees for each of their in-person events to aid in contact tracing, if necessary.
    • Contact information (name, email, and phone number) must be collected for external guests (those without an active myBama login) and submitted to Student Involvement within 48 hours of in-person events.
    • No entry is allowed for symptomatic individuals or those who have been in close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. The primary responsibility for this duty falls on the affected individual.
    • Detailed information about required attendance tracking can be found here
  • Venue capacities and size limits will be enforced for all in-person events:
    • Indoor events may include no more than 50 individuals.
    • Outdoor events may include no more than 100 individuals.
  • Permissive Use Agreement (PUA) events are not permitted (including PUA events at Greek and Small Group houses).
  • All events from Thanksgiving break through winter break (Nov. 21, 2020 – Jan. 12, 2021) must be virtual.


Currently allowed:

  • Campus study spaces in residential areas, including those in Greek Houses, will be opened
  • Dining rooms, including those in Greek Houses, will be opened with strict adherence to safety guidelines
  • Students who live in residence halls may visit each other’s rooms, provided: (1) masks are worn and (2) social distancing is strictly observed.

Current restrictions:

    • Residents may reside in their rooms.
    • No one other than undergraduate members, advisors and staff may enter a house other than during registered, approved events.
    • Social distancing is essential.
    • Masks are required.
    • Escalated consequences will be imposed.
    • Study spaces in residential areas are open. Masks must be worn and social distancing guidelines must be followed.
    • Each resident is limited to one guest at a time. Masks must be worn and social distancing must be observed.
    • Social distancing is essential and large gatherings are prohibited in the rooms, on campus, and off campus.
    • Escalated consequences will be imposed.
    • Off-campus residents are required to comply fully with the social activity, mask and social distancing restrictions put in place by the Governor and the city.
    • Escalated consequences will be imposed for anyone who hosts or attends a social gathering in violation of these ordinances.
    • Hosts of non-registered or unapproved gatherings will receive heightened consequences, even for a first offense.
    • Serious and repeated violations will result in suspension.