COVID-19 will remain a concern as we enter the spring semester.  Not all spread can be avoided, and attending events increases chances of contracting the virus.  Online events remain the preferred option whenever possible and outdoor venues are encouraged.  Physical distancing and masks remain required. Spring 2021 will start with these rules, with the possibility to open further as health and safety allow.

  1. Two-Week Pause. No student organization-sponsored social events will occur for the first two weeks of the spring semester in accordance with the UA System Spring 2021 Comprehensive Health and Safety Plan.
  2. Large student events are prohibited, absent special Vice President approval. To protect against the spread of COVID-19, all large gatherings organized by or for a student or student organization are prohibited, absent special approval of the Vice President for Student Life (VPSL).  This includes band parties, swaps, formals, out-of-town and off-campus parties, and large social gatherings of any other kind.
  3. Size limits will be enforced for student and academic events (e.g., invited speakers, socials, etc.):
    • On-campus indoor events may include no more than 50 individuals
    • On-campus outdoor events may include no more than 100 individuals
    • Attendance limits necessarily depend on the space that is scheduled and may only allow for smaller gatherings
    • For off-campus, approved events, capacity should be aligned with the venue and all applicable health and safety protocols, but no more than 150 attendees at any one time
  4. Off-campus student events are prohibited, unless approved by the VPSL.
  5. Out of town student events are prohibited.
  6. Student event registration and attendee lists are required – all on and off-campus student organization events, including virtual events and meetings, must be registered with the Office of Student Involvement. A detailed list of all attendees with contact information must be maintained by the organizer/host for all events for at least 14 days.
  7. Student organizations hosting events will be required to complete and pass with 90% proficiency the Event Smart training module or will be asked to meet with the Office of Student Involvement prior to their first event
  8. Events must also comply with state and local health ordinances.
  9. Except for seated meals, any food or beverages provided during an event must be individual grab-n-go options.
  10. Passport Use Required – event organizers should provide attendees with a link to the Guide Safe Healthcheck 24 hours in advance, and use it (or an approved alternative).

The Divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Life teams are available to assist with questions or navigating processes. Any exceptions to these rules must be approved in writing. Attendance for classes and athletic events are addressed in event-specific plans. These rules, until modified will be strictly enforced. As treatment and preventive options develop, restrictions could be lifted or modified.

**Final approval of an event may be denied, canceled, or revoked by the VPSL or Provost up to the day of the event.  Any actions, contracts, deposits, or expenses associated with an event are incurred at the risk of student groups and will not be factored into the approval/denial or cancellation/revocation decision.**